Jenssen Lee


Hi my name is Jenssen Lee Kang Yuan! I'm a Software Engineer in Singapore who had been programming for over a year and just graduated from ThoughtWorks Jumpstart, a 3 months coding bootcamp. (Available for hire!)

I code because software is eating the world and I want to partake in it. I enjoy solving problems and working with individuals dedicated to their craft.

This site is meant to consolidate my coding/tech experience and showcase my prior projects. You can contact me at, I write for leisure too.

Front-end: React, React-router, Redux, Material UI, Vue, JavaScript, HTML, SCSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

Back-end: Express, Mongoose, JSON Web Token, PassportJS

Testing: Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress

DevOps: CircleCi, Heroku, Netlify

Misc: Java, Git for version control