Jenssen Lee

JumpStart Week 2 (27 - 31 May 2019)

31 May 2019

This week we focused on: JavaScript in depth Testing with Jest Test driven development (TDD)

I practised JS arrays methods like map and filter, objects etc. How to write in ES6 etc. Promise, async/await.

javascript-basics javascript-exercises promise-shop

I also learnt a testing framework called Jest. We used assertions like test, xtest, it, xit, test.only(), test.skip() etc. We learnt mocks, spies and jest.fn().

jest-starter-template tdd-with-jest mummifier-exercise mocks-demo mocks-and-stubs-lab

We deleted our code for previously completed mummifier exercise, and re-do it with TDD way. It was hard, to be honest I struggled and found it very distracting to keep writing test for my code. After that we pair programmed and did kata.

Queues kata