Jenssen Lee

JumpStart Week 6 (24 - 29 June 2019)

29 June 2019

Week 6 of JumpStart. Elson was teaching until Friday when Angeline taught MySQL.

Repos involved:

We learnt how to use Mongoose, an object modeling for MongoDB. It is only capable of doing whatever the Mongo Shell does, however it makes using MongoDB so much easier. For example, in Mongo Shell you have to use $set operator to avoid overwriting certain fields. However, the default behaviour in Mongoose is to use $set operator.

We learnt that to create a Model you have to write a Schema first:


const mongoose = require("mongoose");
const toDoSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  name: { type: String, require: true },
  done: { type: Boolean, require: true }

mongoose.model("Todo", toDoSchema);


const mongoose = require("mongoose");

const TodoModel = mongoose.model("Todo");

We can think of Schema as a blueprint for Model, and Model as a class or an unintialised Document. To create a Document you create a new object and .save() it.

const myTodo = new TodoModel({ name: "" + Math.random(), done: true });;

We played with a bunch of queries that can be found here. Next we did my-pokemon where we created routes from scratch to database with tests on both the routes and queries. That was difficult and took me a few hours.

Next we talked about symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption and hashing.

we did mongodb-password-encryption-lab where we progressively went through different stages of encryption for Authorisation:

  • simpleSignUp, simpleLogin
  • hashSignUp, hashLogin
  • hashWithSecretSignUp, hashWithSecretLogin
  • hashSaltSignUp, hashSaltLogin